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Winter is Coming, Cover Your Construction Sites

Shorter days, frosty mornings and cold, wet, windy weather; working on a building or construction site during the winter months is a challenging experience, to say the least. It’s usually dark when you’re arriving on the site, and if it’s been a clear night, you’re likely to find an annoying layer of frost covering all your tools and materials.

And that’s if you’re lucky. It might be you have to start work during a big freeze, with snow and ice everywhere followed by a biting wind and a torrential downpour.

It’s enough to stop anyone in their tracks, but on a construction site that’s working to tight deadlines, it can be the difference between on time completion or costly delays. It can even ruin materials that are expensive to replace.

But although you might not be able to avoid the bad weather, you can prepare for it. With the right planning, you can ensure your construction site is as protected as possible during the winter.

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